We compost everything


Every iota of leftover produce, unless designated for ornamental purposes, undergoes composting via a sophisticated apparatus known as the Mill. What exactly is the Mill, you may inquire?

The Mill stands as an ingenious kitchen receptacle designed to transform food scraps into valuable food remnants. Once ground, we return these remnants to the Mill, where they undergo further processing into nutritious chicken feed, subsequently distributed to local farms. Such innovation is truly remarkable, wouldn't you agree?

As they saying goes, "Here for a good time, not for a long time!"

Leftovers get a second act


Many of our ingredients not only find their way into our mixers but also grace the exteriors of our cocktails!

For instance, the rim of our Spicy Watermelon Margarita is meticulously crafted from dehydrated and ground leftover watermelon meat, resulting in a deliciously sugar-free dust. Similarly, surplus fennel hearts are dried to adorn our Fennel and Green Apple Gimlet, while excess parsnips are expertly dried into strips to garnish our Gingersnip cocktail.

Moreover, citrus fruits never meet the fate of wastefulness in our kitchen. Lemons, limes, and oranges are diligently dehydrated, thoughtfully packaged, and made available for purchase by our esteemed customers.

In our culinary ethos, the principle of "waste not, want not" reigns supreme.

We use circular packaging


Circular packaging materials follow the principles of the circular economy. Instead of the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ linear model used in commerce, these materials are designed to be either reused, repurposed, or disposed of in
a responsible way that has a lower impact on the planet. This avoids single-use packaging that’s sent to landfill.

All of the products we use are made from either compostable (drinkware), recyclable (packaging), or reusable (glass mixer bottles) materials. 

We freeze excess product


Unlike restaurants and bars, which are often compelled to discard perishable foods once they reach a certain expiration date, we have the capability to preserve excess mixers through a process of flash freezing and sealing using a liquid chamber vacuum.

Flash freezing effectively immobilizes the nutritional essence of juices, safeguarding their valuable nutrients, minerals, and enzymes—akin to encapsulating them within a nutritional time capsule. It is imperative to freeze these juices promptly, as prolonged exposure to ambient conditions leads to progressive nutrient degradation.

What becomes of these preserved mixers, you might wonder? They are distributed among our staff, offered as complimentary samples, or made available for purchase at a discounted rate to clients seeking to maintain a well-stocked freezer of Conscious Cocktails for spontaneous moments of joy during impromptu happy hours!